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Microsoft and Yahoo are poised to make Web-based e-mail more powerful than ever with updates that bring a desktop-style interface to their respective Web mail offerings. More on this… Advertisements

The number of Internet users in India will shoot to 100 million in two years from the current 38.5 million, an industry study said. The number of Internet users has soared 54 percent from 25 million users in 2004-2005. More on this…

Skype Phones


  Superior sound quality (16KHz sampling rate). User programmable buttons enhances customization. Smart and stylish design. Small form factor & lightweight. 10 selectable ring tones (include silent). USB Plug-&-Play technology. PC sound card not required. Independent use of phone & sound card allows for Skype call while listening to music on PC. LED indicates USB connection state […]

The 19-inch BenQ Crazy arm LCD Monitor is tailored for the knowledge worker, designer, creative designer and all those who like to work and look sleek while they’re at it. With seven USB slots and an array of tentacle-like accessories in imitation of a jellyfish, users can assemble as needed for visual fun and a […]

The Sony QUALIA016 is an ultra-compact digital still camera that disappears into your palm. Because of its size, the camera is easily carried with you at all times, ready to take a photo in an instant. The QUALIA016 is not just a camera but a compete kit of accessories to optimize your photo-taking experience, such […]

iPod Shuffle


The iPod Shuffle is the latest in Apple’s family of digital music players. It is based on the iPod’s pioneering and widely-used shuffle feature, which randomly selects songs from the user’s music library or playlists. However, at any time with the flip of a switch users can choose to listen to their music in order […]

Hello world!


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