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Tomorrow's mobile devices will come in a variety of configurations & designs, but most will share some general characteristics: High-resolution touchscreen: To display maps, videos, games, & mobility applications, handheld devices will need large, high-quality displays. Touchscreen functionality will give the user interface extra versatility. Specialized chipsets: A typical processor won't be able to handle all the […]

Treo 700p


  Operating System: Palm OS® 5.4.9 Memory: 128MB (60MB user accessible) non-volatile Processor: Intel® XScale™ 312MHz processor Screen: 320 x 320 color TFT touchscreen display 16-bit color displays displays up to 65,536 colors Wireless: CDMA 800/1900MHz digital dual-band CDMA2000 EvDO network-backwards compatible with 1xRTT and IS95 networks Bluetooth® 1.2 wireless support Phone Features: Personal speakerphone […]