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For a complete list of books,
go here : Tons of Free Ebooks, links and forums

Tons of Computer related ebooks :

Computer/Electrical eBooks:

Good Engineering books:

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Ebooks :

Mechanical Engineering Ebooks :

Chemical Engineering Ebooks :

Engineering Handbooks :

Electronics eBooks :

Physics eBooks :

Collection of Interview Books:

Collection of Stock Market Ebooks:

Yoga, Religion & Philosophy:

Medical Ebooks Site:

Classic Literature :

Collection of Power Plant Ebooks :

For a complete list of books, go here : Tons of Free Ebooks, links and forums

Let me know if you have any links to add to this list. Also, if you find any bad link(s) an email will be appreciated.


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  2. Good job.

    you can find some more ebooks here


  3. 4 JaYa

    it was really nice to read the tips for the resume … before making my own resume … THANKS FER IT!!

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  5. 6 souman lala.

    thanks a lot for your web site which is full of important e-book free download sites. this site is very very important for the students specifically those who do not have sufficient money or facilities or access to such kind of vast variety.

  6. 7 Bhasbar

    Thanks for doing a good job.
    Enjoyed it very much.

  7. 8 JohnRose

    Great Job Done!
    Could categorize a much better

  8. 9 Rakesh Solanki

    thnk a lots,i m relly happy bcoz i found no.of book by this site its a very needful for me,i m regularly visit this site for better option
    thanking u

  9. Thanks for ur collection, it will be very useful for the technical students like me..

    keep it up..

  10. Here comes another one..just one new addtion to the list of websites providing rapidshare magauploads , ebooks, certification information, tutorials

  11. Check out another free e-book site.

  12. 13 Jose

    I want to recommend this site
    Here you will find lots of links to download free ebooks, audiobooks and magazines.

  13. 14 kiran moily

    if possible can u pls provide me the ebook for the
    The Polyester Prince – The Rise of Dhirubhai Ambani by Hamish McDonald.

    Thanks and Regards

  14. Here you can find lots of books to download.Updated Daily!!



  16. 18 Prof.Amal

    Really a great contribution…!

    After all knowledge is thy which to be shared.

    All the passive users who are making use of these information can post some good stuffs.

    not just making use of others work…

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  18. Thanks for the wonderful post!

  19. 21 Kumar

    Thanks for the excellent collection of reference. Please update regularly


  20. 22 MAJID

    Your handbooks realy best i saying thanks for you but ih possible i search jig and fixture design handbook please put this book on site…….thanks

  21. 23 Tomar

    A worth collection of downloads. It is painful to see that some of the good books are no longer existing in the portal for download


  22. Thnaks for information, realy you have provide a very good information for searching

  23. 25 Preman

    So many engineering books but i can’t dl a thing from

    thks anyway


    Thanks for the excellent collection of reference. Please update regularly

  25. 27 Aryo

    Awsome!!!!. Very useful for me. I hope the premium facilities can be also placed at the free one . Only a suggest. Finally, up to you. Thnks anyway.

  26. 28 vijay

    need the following book on “statistical analysis with missing data”.

    thanks in advance

  27. 29 Raj

    Plzzz..can any one tell me where i can find good books for process engineer (chemical engg).any pocket that……….

  28. 30 Anonymous

    Can someone please let me know if the Polyester Prince is available for downloading. Thanks

  29. 31 Zubin

    Can u pls mail the polyester prince…thx

  30. 32 Ashit Vora

    Great collection…
    keep it up friends…

  31. 33 fatur

    anyone have a SCADA book? please tell me or email

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  33. 35 Piyush


    I am looking for ‘The Polyester Prince:Rise of Dhirubhia Ambani’. Does anyone have an ebook or any link to download it.

  34. 36 ajay

    i wanted Organic chemistry by jerry march and also Problems and Solutions in Quantum Mechanics” by Yung Kuo Lim.Please mail the e-book copy or else just give me the link i’ll download it i wanted it immediately so pls do the needful.

  35. 37 Ishan


    I would appreciate if you could have provided me with the book

    The Polyester Prince – The Rise of Dhirubhai Ambani by Hamish McDonald

    This is my first post at this forum…..hope i will get my stuff

    Thanks & Regards

  36. 38 Aces Joanhgram

    I am looking for ‘The Polyester Prince:Rise of Dhirubhia Ambani’. Does anyone have an ebook or any link to download it.
    Its Quite a Challenge to get it..
    Anyon With any info Please do reply back..
    aces27 at gmial conn

  37. thanks for the list.. I have another link for everyone. Just visit it and then tell me…
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  38. 41 Ehsan

    chemical engineering

  39. 42 Asif

    nice collection

  40. 43 Aces Joanhgram

    The Polyester Prince:Rise of Dhirubhia Ambani

    Anyone With any info about the book..
    Please Mail Me back at
    There are Peope who have got hold of it..
    And I think there are someways to get it..
    Will Require Cooperation..

    aces27 at [gmail] [com]

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  42. 45 Shahbaaz

    can anyone telle me wjere i can find a copy of “cracking the sat 2007 by princeton review”…thanxz…

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  44. Hii

    Any body interested in reading polyester prince by Hamsih MCdonald the banned biography of Dhirubhai Ambani please do contact me I stay in Mumbai
    I have acess to hard copies

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    Firadh Abraham

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  46. 49 jason
  47. 50 arun

    great thanks.
    do also update the list

  48. 51 PRASHANT


  49. 53 dhruval mehta

    i too want ‘The Polyester Prince:Rise of Dhirubhia Ambani’
    it would be really gr8 of you if you get me this ebook… thanking in anticipation.

  50. 54 john kingsley

    The polyester prince is being sold in mumbai pavements,traffic signals etc..

  51. 55 Muhammad Habib

    Free online books directory

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  56. 60 Abhishek

    if possible can u pls provide me the ebook for the
    The Polyester Prince – The Rise of Dhirubhai Ambani by Hamish McDonald.

    Thanks and Regards

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  60. a lot of medical ebook free for download

  61. 65 SUDHAKAR


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  65. 69 Book Bug

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  67. 72 Ianatul Khoiroh

    Thank you very much


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  72. 79 Aleem

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  73. 80 Kunal

    Thanks Bala for the link for the Polyester King book – really appreciate your help

  74. Hello,
    Thanks for sharing this master piece with us all:

    Thank you

  75. 82 manish

    Great place for downloading e-books.

  76. 83 san

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  77. 84 Kumar

    You can find more technical ebooks .

  78. 85 rocky

    u may also request for the download links in a google virtual search engine

  79. What an interesting website. I too have a site of my own but it’s just starting to build up.

  80. great sites!

  81. 88 Polyster King

    Guys…I could not find the link for Polyster King…..Can someone help !

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    Stroustrup – The C++ Programming Language Special 3rd
    Teach YourSelf C In 21 days.pdf
    C++ By Bruce
    Professional Linux Programming in
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  86. 93 sam

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  91. 98 Tanmay

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  92. 99 Ajay Varma

    Hi, Can anyone please post the ebook for ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING OBJECTIVE BOOK BY M.HANDA . Need it urgently Thanks in advance:)

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    this site is very very important for the students specifically those who do not have sufficient money or facilities or access to such kind of vast variety.

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