Education Resources Goes Online


You can now select a YouTube-related course through Pitzer College. But while a course about YouTube is surprising to some, the web is actually a treasure trove of education-related resources, including lots of video lectures, educational wikis and podcasts. The key sites for modern, web-based learning are outlined below – feel free to add more in the comments.

Courses From Organizations:

Annenberg Media – A host of video lectures ranging from the art of the Wild West to abnormal psychology.

ArsDigita University – ArsDigita was originally a comp sci program from MIT. While it is now shut down, all the coursework was put online.

BBC Learning – Online courses from the British Broadcasting Corporation.

BruinCast – UCLA course lectures.

Chinese University Lectures – Hundreds of lectures from fourteen well known Chinese universities.

iTunes U – Huge repository of course podcasts from well known universities.

Learning from YouTube – Pitzer College lectures on YouTube (read more here).

MIT OpenCourseWare – Classes on anything from history to urban studies, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MIT World – Tons of lectures from different speakers at MIT.

MITE AP Courses – Free Montrey Institute AP courses.

Open Learning Initiative – Learn engineering, reasoning, chemistry, and much more from Carnegie Mellon University.

Project Gutenberg – Thousands of free eBooks, including many course textbooks.

Sofia – Take CC-licensed courses from small colleges.

SWTC CourseCasts – Lectures on everything from debt to microbiology, from Southwest Wisconsin Technical College.

The Open University OpenLearn – Great Britain’s first open learning university offers free courses from health care to William Wilberforce.

UC Berkley Webcasts – Get audio and video netcasts from one of the best known universities in the country.

UChannel – Princeton-sponsored online lectures.

Utah State University OpenCourseWare – Learn everything from theatre production to cattle management from Utah State University.

W3Schools – Tons of free online web developer tutorials.

Western Kentucky University Distance Learning Podcasts & VODcasts – Read, listen to, and watch lectures from WKU.

User Submitted Courses:

Connexions – Hundreds of user submitted courses on everything from mathematics to humanities.

Google Video Educational Genre – Wide variety of user created videos uploaded to Google Video.

Internet Archive Open Educational Resources – A huge multitude of courses with categories ranging from .NET programming to Chinese literature.

Scholarpedia – Similar to Wikipedia, but with articles written by “experts” chosen by the community.

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