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Many of us have come to realize how useful RSS is when it comes to tracking news headlines or your favorite blogs. It’s a great way to keep up without having to visit many websites. What most people don’t know is that RSS is an incredibly flexible technology that can do all sorts of other […]



An OQO-01 PC running Windows XP weighs 14 ounces & is not much bigger than a BlackBerry. The OQO above is being used with a foldable keyboard. – Not much bigger than a pack of 3-by-5 index cards – Also comes with a built-in keyboard that can be tapped by the thumbs. – Available at $1,900 […]

Tomorrow's mobile devices will come in a variety of configurations & designs, but most will share some general characteristics: High-resolution touchscreen: To display maps, videos, games, & mobility applications, handheld devices will need large, high-quality displays. Touchscreen functionality will give the user interface extra versatility. Specialized chipsets: A typical processor won't be able to handle all the […]

Mobile Professionals, Rejoice! Slightly smaller than a VHS tape, this mobile computer has two processors: a 400-megahertz mobile processor for light tasks such as Web surfing and a 1.5-gigahertz laptop chip that runs Windows XP for more intensive jobs like PowerPoint presentations. To conserve battery power, the individual processors don’t run when they’re not in […]

Announcing the world’s first commercially available Bluetooth Virtual Laser Keyboard[VKB]! Roughly the size of a disposable lighter, the VKB leverages the power of laser & infrared technology to project a full-size qwerty keyboard onto any flat surface. As you type on the projection, optical recognition detects your keypresses & transfers them to your device, complete with realistic […]

What you think these are ? Look closely and guess what they could be… PENS WITH HIDDEN CAMS ????? Any wild guess ? No clue ?… Guys & gals… You are lucky. You have just peeped into the future… Yep that’s right! no booing now… You have seen something that would replace your PC in the near future…. NOW […]