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– Scroll wheel isn’t actually a scroll wheel just a set of 4 buttons embedded in the wheel – Magnetic headphones – FM receiver/transmitter – 30 GB hard drive – Wi-Fi Connection – UI like Media Center, with the transparent fonts & alphabetical speed scrolling. – Case is plastic & semi-transparent – Will be available […]

In-built 2 megapixel camera Incorporates Wi-Fi First Pocket PC with a stereo FM radio tuner Resolution to QVGA is 240 x 320 pixels 262K screen colours Media Player 10 Built-in wireless LAN First phone in the world on latest OS Windows Mobile 5.0 Upgraded version of immensely popular O2’s XDA II Mini Far more stable than most […]

What you think these are ? Look closely and guess what they could be… PENS WITH HIDDEN CAMS ????? Any wild guess ? No clue ?… Guys & gals… You are lucky. You have just peeped into the future… Yep that’s right! no booing now… You have seen something that would replace your PC in the near future…. NOW […]

Macally mTUNE-N cordless stereo headset is specially designed for iPod® nano. Simply plug the iPod® nano into the exclusively designed iPod® nano slot and you can enjoy the music anywhere, anytime. No battery is required. mTUNE-N enhances your experience with your iPod® nano in a whole new way. Features:     • Turns your iPod® […]

It seems to be the new buzz word for anything that is reasonably compact. So much praise and adulation must go to Walletex for being the first manufacturer on the market to produce a product that truly lives up to this name. Called the Wallet Flash 1.1, is the slimmest USB drive on the market […]

Skype Phones


  Superior sound quality (16KHz sampling rate). User programmable buttons enhances customization. Smart and stylish design. Small form factor & lightweight. 10 selectable ring tones (include silent). USB Plug-&-Play technology. PC sound card not required. Independent use of phone & sound card allows for Skype call while listening to music on PC. LED indicates USB connection state […]

The 19-inch BenQ Crazy arm LCD Monitor is tailored for the knowledge worker, designer, creative designer and all those who like to work and look sleek while they’re at it. With seven USB slots and an array of tentacle-like accessories in imitation of a jellyfish, users can assemble as needed for visual fun and a […]